MOT 42K – Meja Occitan Trail

MOT 42K – Meja Occitan Trail

Valle Maira is one of the most beautiful valleys in the western Alps, now internationally famous not only for its beauty, but also for its hospitality, sustainable tourist offer and the possibilities for outdoor activities that embrace all seasons of the year.

The Meja Occitan Trail is the race that kicked off the MOT events with the 2021 edition. It is a 42 km race with 2650 m D+.

This race, now in its fourth edition, changes outfit and presents itself this year with a ring that embraces the valleys of Unerzio and Marmora. 

We start from the village and immediately with a steep climb that crosses the town of Canosio we reach Colle di San Giovanni, from which a suggestive path leads to the main valley and from here to the beginning of the Unerzio valley. Frere, Chialvetta, Viviere and then up to the Gardetta pass, and already here it is amazing, but wait until you get to the top and crossing the entire fabulous Gardetta plateau you enter straight into fairy tales. The dominant Rocca la Meja that will attract your gaze is the enchanting castle. From Colle del Mulo, more than ten kilometers of fantastic descent will take you back to Marmora.

MOT 42K – Meja Occitan Trail

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Running in our mountains will be a different experience, you can listen to your breath in the silence of the valley discovering a territory that has a lot to tell.

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