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All news

Living the valley, from sunset to dawn: who hosts us, welcomes us, guides us

28 July 2022

In a race with different times, like the Maira Occitan Trail 4×40, the rest between one stage and another can…

With a little help you can get far: who will take care of you during the race

28 July 2022

Always in voluntary form there will be the boys and girls of the Hotel Institute of Dronero, who will bring…

We are what we do, we are what we eat: Who brings the essence of the valley to our plate

28 July 2022

There are many small producers in the valley who work in a very short chain, and to let you understand…

The trails are not enough: The technical organisation of the Maira Occitan Trail

28 July 2022

The MOT for many reasons that you can guess and that we will discover together is a different race, and…

Maira Valley: the journey of the senses

24 June 2022

A journey along the Maira Valley through the five senses, discovering a piece at a time, which makes it clear…

Opening registration 4x40km Maira Occitan Trail – MOT 2022!!!

2 May 2022

We are pleased to announce that from May 5 will officially open registrations to the 4x40km race of the Maira…

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