Different times

Different times

In Valle Maira, time seems to have stopped, leaving us as a gift uncontaminated nature and traditions of great charm. Among our mountains you can find a place where you can listen to your own breath in the silence of the valley, discovering a territory that has a lot to tell.

To make you live a true, authentic and intense experience, we have involved Eva Toschi, writer and mountain lover, who will guide you to discover the Maira Valley. Thanks to her story you can get to know the most evocative places in our territory and the people who animate it.

“Arriving in a place for the first time, without any information, without any conditioning, allows you to open yourself up to a complete, full, absolute experience. It is said that those born and raised in a place are not always able to fully appreciate what that place has to offer, because they take it for granted. And then in some cases there is a need for new souls who lend all their senses to the discovery, and to the story.

That’s how I arrived in Valle Maira: free from any prejudice, empty and ready to fill me with new sensations. ” – Eva

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