MOT 3x50K – Relay

MOT 3x50K – Relay

150 kilometers in 3 days 

2,600m a.s.l. maximum altitude 

8.110m cumulative elevation gain 

Valle Maira is one of the most beautiful valleys in the western Alpine arc, internationally famous for its beauty, hospitality, sustainable tourist offers and the possibility of outdoor activities in all seasons of the year. 

The MOT 3x50K is the true Valle Maira Occitan Trail. It is the queen race of all MOT events which takes place in 3 stages of about 50 km each and runs the entire circumnavigation of the valley along the famous paths of Occitan Routes. 

The MOT 3x50K RELAY is a different way to experience a race with different times like the MOT.

You don't feel like it or you can't commit four days? Find friends and experience the thrill of feeling part of a great event. The teams can be male, female or mixed. From 2 to 3 participants.

The stages are the same as for MOT 3x50K.



MOT 3x50K – Relay

  • From Friday 20 to Sunday 22 Septmeber 2024
  • Tourist office / Trail village at the Canosio-Marmora crossroads
  • Length: 150 Km
  • Elevation gain: 8110 m
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  • Ranking 2023
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Index 100K

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Running in our mountains will be a different experience, you can listen to your breath in the silence of the valley discovering a territory that has a lot to tell.

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