MOT 3x50K

MOT 3x50K

150 kilometers in 3 days 

2,600m a.s.l. maximum altitude 

8.110m cumulative elevation gain 

Valle Maira is one of the most beautiful valleys in the western Alps, now internationally famous not only for its beauty, but also for its hospitality, sustainable tourist offers and the possibilities for outdoor activities that embrace all seasons. of the year.

The MOT 3x50K is the real Valle Maira Occitan Trail. It is the queen race of all Occitan trail events. It is a race that takes place in 3 stages of about 50 km each and runs the entire circumnavigation of the valley along the famous paths of the Occitan routes.

You can find all the information in detail by reading the rules.

This year the MOT changes its look, but the spirit always remains the original one of the Maira Valley. There will be 3 distinct stages, apparently unrelated to each other, but with a common thread that reflects the three souls of the valley:

Stage 1 is the escape from the mountains, in the footsteps of our ancestors who left the Maira or Macra Valley last century, which is synonymous with poverty, to seek fortune in the plains or in the world. It is a stage that starts from the upper valley, or from the Marmora-Canosio basin, and reaches its outlet on the Dronero plain, touching countless abandoned villages which today are starting to have a second rebirth.

Stage 2 is the return to the highlands. It is a tough, high mountain stage that takes you to one of the most secluded and astonishing corners of the Maira Valley. After the endless meadows of Elva here is the wild Sagne hill which with its almost 2900 m. represents the maximum elevation of the MOT. Meanwhile, the severe Monte Chersogno dominates the scenery.

The third is a plaisir stage and represents the current philosophy of the Maira Valley, characterized by a vocation for the outdoors and slow, widespread and environmentally friendly tourism. It is a short stage, only 38 km, and therefore worth savoring. Meanwhile, the start, under the looming Rocca Castello-Provenzale, is nothing short of suggestive. But it is only the appetizer because the main course is the complete crossing of the spectacular Gardetta plateau with the marvelous Rocca la Meja as a constant backdrop.

The MOT 3x50K ends where it began, in the trail village of Marmora-Canosio which on Sunday will be the focus of the other two "short" races, the MOT 42k and the MOT 19k, as well as the Occitanwalk.

MOT 3x50K

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Running in our mountains will be a different experience, you can listen to your breath in the silence of the valley discovering a territory that has a lot to tell.

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