MOT 4x40K

MOT 4x40K

Valle Maira is one of the most beautiful valleys in the western Alps, now internationally famous not only for its beauty, but also for its hospitality, sustainable tourist offers and the possibilities for outdoor activities that embrace all seasons. of the year.

The MOT 4x40K is the real Valle Maira Occitan Trail. It is the queen race of all Occitan trail events. It is a race that takes place in 4 stages of about 45 km each and runs the entire circumnavigation of the valley along the famous paths of the Occitan routes.

The first stage starts at the Ciciu geological park in Villar San Costanzo and going up the left orographic side of the valley ends in Stroppo, crossing the entire pre-Alpine belt to arrive in a typical mountain context of the Cottian Alps.

The second stage is high in the mountains. From Stroppo proceed north-west to the enchanting town of Elva and then touch the slopes of Monte Chersogno with passages up to 2600 meters and end in the characteristic village of Chiappera dominated by the unmistakable Rocca Castello-Provenzale.

With the third stage we move to the orographic right side. From Chiappera, after passing two hills, you cross the entire Gardetta plateau dominated by the splendid Rocca la Meja, one of the symbolic mountains of the Maira Valley. The stage ends in Marmora, famous for its hospitality.

The fourth and last stage marks the return to the plain. From Marmora along the Napoleonic path you reach the characteristic villages of Macra and Celle and then, with a long descent, end the journey in Dronero, the capital of the Maira Valley.


The route of MOT 4x40k is approved by the ITRA (International Trail Running Association) and evaluated with the following score:

ITRA Points


Mountain Level = 8
Finisher Level = 35


The race can also be run by teams of 2 or 4 athletes, which they can only be exchanged from one day to the next and not during a single stage.

The shuttle will be included, but only for the day you run.


To facilitate the runners and their companions in the logistical organization for participation in the event, we have created dedicated tourist packages, which will include: bib, stay in half board accommodation for three nights near the starting points, luggage transport from starting point to arrival point and shuttle transport to and from the starting points and arrival of the individual stages of the trail (so the accommodation will be changed every day).

For all the details of the travel program and to reserve your place in Valle Maira you can write to us at:


For those who do not want to join the package but only need transport from the point of arrival to the point of departure of the individual stages is available a shuttle service that is included in the purchase of the bib. Luggage transport will also be included from starting point to arrival point.

It will make the following routes:
Stroppo > Dronero on the evening
Chiappera > Stroppo on the evening
Marmora > Chiappera on the evening
Dronero > Marmora on the evening


Stage 1, Villar San Costanzo-Stroppo

  • Starting point: Ciciu del Villar Nature Reserve entrance (600m)
  • Length 44.09km
  • Positive altitude difference 2,586m
  • Arrival point at Paschero di Stroppo (1.090m)

Stage 2, Stroppo-Chiappera

  • Starting point: Borgata Paschero di Stroppo (1.090m)
  • Length 48.10km
  • Positive altitude difference 2,936m
  • Arrival point in the hamlet of Chiappera di Acceglio (1.623m)

Stage 3, Chiappera-Marmora

  • Starting point: Chiappera di Acceglio village (1.623m)
  • Length 37.84km
  • Positive difference in altitude 2,110m
  • Arrival point at the Multipurpose Center, Marmora-Canosio junction (1.200m)

Stage 4, Marmora-Dronero

  • Starting point: Multipurpose Center, at the Marmora-Canosio junction (1.200m)
  • Length 51.25km
  • Positive difference in height 2.060mt
  • Arrival point in Dronero at the Devil's Bridge (600m)

MOT 4x40K

  • From Thursday 5 to Sunday 8 October 2023
  • Ciciu del Villar Nature Reserve - Villar San Costanzo
  • Ranking 2022
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COVID-19 notes

The program, regulations and logistics of the event may be subject to variations based on the provisions of the competent authorities. Participants will be promptly updated via the dedicated newsletter and the event's social channels.